enjoy new englands premiere hydrotherapy day spa in newport ri

Hydrotherapy is the art of healing through the application of water in any form; hot, cold, steam or ice. Hydrotherapy has been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years. Many historians believe Egyptian royalty were the first to indulge in its health benefits, while others believe it dates back even earlier to Asia, where therapeutic waters were used to cleanse the body and soul of impurities.

As part of our commitment to the evolution of  your well-being. We ask you our valued Guest to respect our whisper policy while taking part in the water journey. We intentionally wove silence into the curation of the Water Journey in order for you to fully benefit from the rejuvenating effect. Please respect this space by whispering when needed. We encourage you to use this contemplative opportunity to explore the benefits you experience when you journey inwards.  As Lao Tzu so concisely stated  “Silence is a source of great strength.”


What is the Water Journey?

The Water Journey – 60

Including access to the following facilities:

  • Therapeutic 104˚ Epsom Salt Pool
  • Mineral Rich 98˚ Dead Sea Salt Pool
  • Stimulating 55˚ Cold Plunge Pool
  • Eucalyptus Steam Room
  • Detoxifying Infrared Sauna
  • Traditional Finnish Dry Sauna
  • Peaceful Relaxation Area
  • 2000 sqft Outdoor Zen Garden Space
  • Robes, Towels, Sandals, and Private Lockers
  • Private Showers with body wash, shampoo and conditioner

How it Works

The action of heat: dilates blood vessels, causing more blood to circulate near the surface of your skin. This action bathes cells in oxygen-rich blood and allows a small amount of toxins to be released through the skin. The action of cold: constricts your capillaries, and shunts the blood to the core. It is here that the majority of toxins are removed as the blood filters through the internal organs. The blood is then replenished with fresh oxygen and pumped back to the rest of the body to begin the ongoing cycle. The process of stimulating the circulatory system with hot and cold, detoxifies and bathes your cells in fresh oxygen-rich blood; bringing youthfulness to your mind and body.

Want to learn more? Click HERE for research articles on the many health benefits of hydrotherapy

Please Note:

  • Reservations are required

  • Bathing attire is required

  • 24hr cancellation policy

  • The Water Journey is available for half price (30) with the purchase of any service. Reservations are required for both.

  • Due to high volumes, we recommend booking online, calling our concierge at 401-619-4916, or email info@thebodhispa for availability and to schedule your visit.