Optimism is Strong Medicine

We have been working diligently through this shut down to rework our policies and procedures in EVERY aspect of the spa 💪🏽 WELCOME your new #hygienehostess and #guestexpwriencehostess!! Client care is always #1. We also believe that by disinfecting (shoes and hands) upon arrival, while wearing a face mask during your visit will keep you, our staff and our community safe. It will be a learning curve but it won’t be forever. Being a popular tourist destination, we are taking extra precautions to slow the spread, while allowing our guests to benefit from the immune boosting #waterjourney, in a safe space. We are expanding our footprint to offer more space to relax in a socially distant atmosphere (coming soon 😬), and are following ALL rules and regulations implemented by the @RIDOH and @cdcgov 🙏🙏

Distance makes the ❤️ grow fonder. We’ve missed you greatly over the past 3 months. We are here to answer any questions you may have 🙏💦